SissiPark: safety and comfort

Why is SissiPark a good choice in 2021 as well?

Cancellation policy

SissiPark Gmbh will provide 100% refund in case of:

  • if the ski area is closed by government order,
  • if accomodation providers in the region are not allowed to receive guests by government order,
  • if accomodations in the region are closed by government order,
  • if traveling to Austria is not allowed for tourists by government order,
  • if there is a border closure in Austria by government order,
  • if the country of origin imposes a border closure by government order.

Insurance covered cancellation cases:

  • the insured can not travel because of proven Covid-19 infection.
  • the insured is under oficial quarantine obligation due to contact with a person infected with Covid-19.
  • the insured have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative.
  • positive COVID-19 test even without showing symptoms.
  • a close relative or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and the insured urgent presence is required.
  • a close relative in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and the insured must therefore be quarantined.
  • the insured is unable to travel as a result of illness during the stay. Covered are costs within the limits of involuntary extended accomodation.

Exceptions to the above (no compensation/reimbursement:

  • if the insured cannot or do not want to start the travel because he is worried about an infection due to the increasing number of cases at the holiday destination.
  • if the insured cannot or do not want to start the travel because he is classified as a risk patient.
  • if the hotel cannot (any longer) provide its service (e.g. in case of closing the hotel by official decree or the hotel is located in an area of level 5 or 6 travel warning).
  • for costs taken over for mere quarantine accommodation.

The insurance coverages and exclusions listed here are for information purposes only. Please contact your insurer for more details.

Travelling to Austria

In accordance with the current Austrian regulations, all forms of travel is permitted from 19 May 2021.
Travelers from almost every European country are free to enter Austria without Pre-Travel-Clearance or quarantine from 10. June 2021.

The following 3 pillar system was intorduced, from which stage 1 is in effect right now:

  • Stage 1: Proof of vaccination OR neagtive COVID test OR proof of past infection in English or in German. You have to hold any one of these 3 documents in order to enter the country or use hospitality services.
    If your original certificate is not issued in English or German, you can download the official form for the health certificate in English here or in German here.
  • Stage 2: Proof of vaccination or past infection required for night clubs, après-ski, and events without assigned seating with more than 500 attendees. Antigen self-tests no longer accepted as proof
  • Stage 3: Antigen tests are no longer sufficient anywhere.

FFP2 masks are required for everyone on public transport, in cable cars, and essential businesses such as supermarkets, chemists, petrol stations, banks. FFP2 masks required in all shops and museums for those that are not vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.

Make sure to check the current rules before traveling because they can change rapidly.


In our apartments and restaurant SissiBistro in Lachtal, we have always paid special attention to hygiene and regulations, which we will continue to apply in the future as well: we are following all current regulations and precautions so that we can continue to provide our guests the highest possible level of safety.

Hygiene regulations

We would like to inform you about the following rules, in which we kindly ask for your cooperation.

Safety and hygiene regulations

Smart choice

SissiPark was already a convenient choice, but now, in the middle of the global pandemic, security and comfort are also on the "Why choose us" list:

Why choose us, if you are planning a holiday in Austria? Because...

  • In your apartment you don’t get in contact with strangers, since you don’t have to be in common areas with other guests,
  • You can use your private sauna in your apartment,
  • During outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, you can avoid the crowd and the company of strangers,
  • In Lachtal you can use open-air ski lifts instead of cabins to take you up to the start point of your hike,
  • With our new room service in Lachtal, you can also request the delivery of your meals directly to your apartment.