Opening 2020/21

Modified cancellation policy

This new situation has brought many changes, including easing our cancellation policy:

Modified cancellation policy for the winter ski season 2020-21

Sissi Park GmbH offers an extra reservation fee refund for guests who have travel cancellation insurance with an insurance company in advance, but their insurance costs paid to Sissi Park under their contracts are not reimbursed by their insurer.

100% refund
In case of Sissi Park gets closed due to covid19 infections and unable to receive guests, Sissi Park GmbH will refund 100% of the already paid reservations for the period of closure.

90% refund

Sissi Park GmbH will refund 90% of the total booking value to the booking in the following cases:

  • It is not possible to cross the Austrian border for tourism purposes, or
  • the city (district, province) of the accommodation prohibits tourist to enter, or
  • the lift company does not operate the ski lifts at all.

90% rescheduling within a year
If tourism is allowed in Austria and in the given city of Sissi Park, but travel from the guest's country (eg Hungary) is prohibited or not recommended, Sissi Park offers the possibility to reschedule the booking fee by 90%, 14 days before the start of the trip. - can be rescheduled within a year.
10% of the booking value will cover the costs related to the cancellation. Meals (half board) will be refunded 100%.

In addition to the risks above, we believe that various travel cancellation insurances can be taken out with insurance companies, which may include risks of unexpected illness of the guest or the co-travelers (also in the case of a coronavirus), or even other costs incurred. If the insurance does not reimburse them, the travelers have to pay for it themselves!

Cancellations other than listed above are governed by the General Terms and Conditions drawn up on the basis of the guidelines of the Austrian Chamber, as well as in case of the guest hasn't got travel cancellation insurance at all.