SissiPark: safety and comfort

Why is SissiPark a good choice in 2020/21 as well?

Smart choice

SissiPark was already a convenient choice, but now, in the middle of the corona situation, security and comfort are also on the "Why choose us" list:

Why choose us, if you are planning skiing in Austria? Because...

  • In your apartment you don’t get in touch with strangers, since you don’t have to be in common areas with other guests,
  • You can use your private sauna, and only share it with the residents of the apartment,
  • We are right next to the ski slopes, so you don't have to travel by a ski bus to a slope, just put your ski boots on your feet,
  • Because we are so close to the ski slopes you can rest and have lunch in your own apartment during the day,
  • In Lachtal you can use open-air ski lifts instead of cabins,
  • With our new room service in Lachtal, you can also request the delivery of your meals directly to your apartment.


In our apartments and restaurant SissiBistro in Lachtal, we have always paid special attention to hygiene and regulations, which we will continue to apply in the future as well: we are following all current regulations and precautions so that we can continue to provide our guests the highest possible level of safety.

Hygiene regulations

Safety and hygiene regulations

You can read our modified cancellation policy for the 2020/2021 Winter season here.